Mico-Shii - 70 capsules

Mico-Shii - 70 capsules

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Mico-Shii is a powerful shiitake mushroom extract selected from specimens of shiitake mushrooms to help maintain healthy the cardiovascular and immune systems

- Support Immune System
- Promotes Brain Function

Good Source of Vitamin B's

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Recommended daily dose: one or two capsules – or according to medical prescription – in the morning, preceded by one or two tablets of Askorbato K-HdT (rich in vitamin C) to promote the absorption of beta-glucans.

General precautions: Do not administer in case of allergy to mushrooms. In children under 6 years please use our infant preparations where the dose is adjusted according to bodyweight. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not use if the safety strip is damaged.

70 capsules of 620 mg. 100% vegetable capsules sealed with a natural antioxidant band.

Ingredients per capsule: 495 mg of Shiitake organic extract (Lentinula edodes); sealed vegetable capsule.

Each capsule is individually sealed with an antioxidant band that helps keep its contents in optimal conditions for longer.

The personalised color band for each product is designed to facilitate the differentiation of each extract when taking more than one. The ink of each band is of vegetable origin (carrot, pumpkin, apple, currant, etc.)

per 2 capsules

Polysaccharides 481 mg
- β-glucans 38.80 %
- α-glucans 27.90 %

Vitamins (natural source) 
- Vitamin B12 1.78 μg (71.20 % VRN*)
- Vitamin B2 0.02 mg (1.06 % VRN*)

Minerals 2 capsules (Natural source of minerals)
- Iron 0.134 mg (0.96% VRN*)
- Copper 0.006 mg (0.60% VRN*)

*NRV: nutrient reference values 

Mico-Shii is suitable for celiacs, lactose intolerance, vegetarians and vegans. It is free of gluten, preservatives, chemicals, sweeteners, flavorings, starch, wheat, corn, soy, sugar and dairy. Non-GMO ingredients.


Reduces levels of total cholesterol and increases HDL levels (1) therefore improving the lipid profile and reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The immune system and tumours:

It has an immune modulating effect by activating macrophages and simulating the production of interleukins. Highly recommended for immunodeficient patients with cancer or other pathologies (2). Especially in gastric cancer where it has been shown to be able to prolong the patients survival in combination with chemotherapy (fluropyrimidine S - ) (3) , and in advanced colorectal cancer, where it can reduce the unwanted effects of chemotherapy (nausea and abdominal pain ) and improve immunological parameters (4).

The circulatory system:

Prevents high blood pressure (3). It reduces athermanous plaque, improves peripheral resistance and prevents thrombosis (4), all of which are modifiable cardivascular risk factors.


Hepatic protection by improving liver function (5), effective in hepatitis B treatments.

Other actions:

Inhibits HIV enzymes (6), prevents cavities due to inhibition of dental plaque formation (7), during hyperuricemia treatments and prevents cachexia in cancer due to its alkalising action.

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Should mushrooms be avoided in Autoimmune conditions? Are they immune stimulators?
Mushrooms are biological response modifiers (BRMs), or adaptogens, i.e. they modulate the immune system. So they modulate autoimmune conditions and inflammation levels in the body, whilst helping the body fight off pathogens. The most powerful immune modulator, recommended for autoimmune conditions, is Agaricus Blazei Murrill, or Sun mushroom (as in our MicoSol product), followed by reishi, then cordyceps sinensis is recommended for complaints like lupus.

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What Can Shiitake Do For Your Health?
Shiitake (Lentinula edodes or Lentinus edodes) A Chinese fungus species, its name comes from Shii ( a Chesnutt variety) and take ( wood mushroom). Besides being an excellent aphrodisiac and highly appreciated for its gastronomic qualities, Shiitake is also well known for its medicinal uses all over China, Japan and Taiwan. Its common names are 'Chinese mushroom' or 'Fragrant mushroom'.
More on Shiitake

More about Mico-Shii

Mico-Shii is a powerful shiitake mushroom extract selected from specimens of shiitake mushrooms to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular and immune system.

Format (total paraben free bottle): 30/70 capsules of 495 mg of organic standardized extract of Shiitake.

Minimum duration of protocol 60 days.

Which natural bioactive ingredients does Mico Shii?

Mico Shii contains alpha, beta and D-glucans (lentinan), ergosterol, etc.

Maximum concentration (8:1 ratio)

Our extracts differ from most other products due to their high concentration of active ingredients. This reduces the recommended daily dose to 1-2 capsules. This 8:1 concentration level is achieved by concentrating 80 kg of mushroom powder (active ingredients) from 8 kg of fresh mushrooms, to produce 1 kg of Mico Shii extract.
To preserve the quality and potency of our extracts, we seal each capsule with an antioxidant band.

A safe and effective food supplement

Independent laboratories confirm that Hifas da Terra extracts do not interfere with liver detoxification pathways. All our products carry the GMP seal of excellence certifies that the production is uniform and controlled, following pharmaceutical safety standards. Throughout our production process we apply rigorous quality standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a preventive food safety management system.

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