Nutraceutical products & Integrative Wellbeing Services

Empowering you to restore, rebalance & optimise your health & wellbeing

Connect into your mind, body & spirit

We are here to help you master your greatness from the inside and out. We specialise in restoring and harmonising your life force energy - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically - to naturally regain the capacity for self-healing.

Our mission is to empower YOU to live more consciously. The high quality nutraceutical and bio-energetic products from Cultivate Elevate, Elemental Wizdom & EMF Harmony, combined with our personalised healing & coaching services, are specifically designed to enhance your natural healing and regeneration abilities towards greater health, joy and longevity.

Integrative wellbeing services

Master your greatness and unlock your inner potential through personalised Quantum Healing, Hypnotherapy and coaching services.

Our methods include an advance hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), Positive Psychology, Quantum Heart Healing, Akashic Healing, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Heartmath, Breathwork, Visualisation & more.

People we've helped

Hypnotherapy (RTT) for Anxiety & Low Self Esteem.

His confidence & performance on the field has sky rocketed!

"I needed to write this today because after about 70 days from the first session with Claire I have seen an amazing change in my child.

This weekend, for example he performed exceptionally well, scoring 7 goals throughout the weekend lacrosse tournament. His confidence & performance on the field has sky rocketed!"

CPeterson USA
Mum of Aged 13 Boy

Hypnotherapy (RTT)

Powerfully enhancing my work, passion & family

"I am now happy with my relationship; money is starting to come in abundance & my career has taken a fast forward motion."

Professional Football Coach and Manager

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy (RTT)

Restoring self-belief & developing a warrior mindset

"I am now feeling happier as a person & enjoying my football again. Claire has helped me to massively to see clearer & be more positive in my game & with myself."

Professional Football player

Hypnotherapy for Confidence (RTT)

Connecting to inner confidence

"The experience was positively overwhelming. I left feeling energised & with confidence to reach new personal goals."

Mum, Berkshire

Hypnotherapy (RTT) for life transitions

"Claire genuinely cares about her clients. My hypnotherapy sessions have been transformational. I've made major shifts that will now be with me forever."

NLP Coach - Surrey

Hypnotherapy & RTT workshops

"I  recently attended one of Claire's Hypnotherapy & RTT workshops & the experience was positively overwhelming. I left feeling energised & with confidence to reach new personal goals. Amazing can't wait for the next one!"