About claire

Claire is a gifted therapist & healer. With a heart-centered approach, she seeks the best in people and genuinely cares for those around her. Claire believes that integrating therapy, coaching, and profound spiritual healing can unlock deeper healing within you, reconnect you to your inner wisdom, and empower you to embrace your true self and gifts.

Claire is trained in various methods, including Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy, Heart Math, Akashic Records, Meditation & Mindfulness, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Positive Psychology, trauma-informed practices, and energy medicine techniques. Her sessions are
personalised and she intuitively combines different techniques. She has worked with clients worldwide, providing individual healing sessions, group workshops, and training for practitioners. Claire also created a program for working with teens and a 5-day challenge for primary school children's mental health, which was recognised in the Educational Resources Awards 2022.

About chris

Chris is a curious & conscientious thinker with a love of learning & a deep connection to nature. Chris has always had a high drive to perform & excel in every aspect of life. As both a father & business owner , Chris has gone through many ups & downs, from being made redundant to owning his own successful business. The responsibility of bringing up a family from a young age put many external pressures on his health & wellbeing. Over the years he suffered from bad habits, such as drinking to help him relax & indulging in processed foods too often, all of which left him feeling tired & exhausted. From the moment that he started taking more responsibility for his health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, Chris began his profound healing journey & realised that he wanted to empower, inspire & educate others that they could do the same.With his love of learning, he brings to you many of the extraordinary benefits of Integrative medicine and quantum healing.



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