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5 Steps to eat mindfully - It's not a diet!

We at Master Your Greatness are conscious of finding the balance between your mind and body and the food we eat.

We discovered five easy hacks to eat mindfully to help you control what you eat instead of letting the food control you. Here are some of our favourite ways to be more conscious with what you eat:-


  • Are you hungry, or has it become a habit?
  • Consider how you are feeling?
  • Are you eating because you're angry, bored, upset, or have other emotions?
  • Take time to chew and swallow between mouthfuls. 
  • Rest your fork or put it down inbetween food bites.

 Use all of your senses

  • What is the texture of the food? 
  • How does it smell? 
  • How does it taste?

It's incredible how much more you can enjoy your food when you genuinely check in with your senses. You may even eat a little less.

Drink warm water

Drinking warm water first thing in the morning and before you eat has so many wonderful benefits. Why not add a slice of lemon!

Listen to your body

  • Your body does talk. 
  • Notice what it is telling you and how it is reacting to the food. 
  • STOP - when you feel satisfied, don't wait until you are overfull.

 It's OK to leave food.

As a child, I remember my parents telling me to eat everything on my plate and think about the waste and all the starving children in the world if I didn’t eat it. The belief I installed was a feeling of guilt around food and a habit of overeating.

Mindfully filling your plate with small amounts will stop you from overeating, and leaving a little bit of food at every meal shows how you are in control of the food you eat and not the food being in control of you.

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If you are looking to establish good eating habits and behaviours connect with me to discover more about our services. Claire Linturn is trained in root cause therapy and coaching that address’s self-sabotaging patterns of behaviours, addictions and habits that stop you from performing at your best and maintaining healthy eating habits.

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