Female hiker standing in front of a clear lake, reflecting the surrounding evergreen forest


Restore, rebalance & connect with yourself

Discover your best self

We're super excited to announce that very soon we'll be launching our very own MYG Wellness Retreats! Offering tailored sessions that will connect you back to nature, our retreats are aimed at people looking for powerful transformation & healing - to restore, reset & rebalance your whole being emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.

Our own experiences & spiritual practises have connected us to some incredible healers, who have truly transformed our lives. Based in the beautiful natural surroundings of Galicia in northern Spain, we look forward to sharing these experts with you in disciplines such as:

- Yoga
- Breath work
- Meditation
- Cooking & nutrition
- Mountain biking
- Plant based medicine
- plus much more

Young woman practicing yoga on a rock in front of the sea, surrounded by green grass, bushes & trees
Galician beachfront at sunset in beautiful shades of purple, reds & oranges
Off-road mountain bike rider jumping high on a trail in the woods
Healthy grilled chicken salad with green leaves, cucumbers & tomatoes
Silhouette of shamen siting crosslegged in the dark preparing a bowl of herbal medicine

If you're interested in discovering more about what our MYG Wellness Retreats have to offer, email us on the link below.