Quantum heart healing & coaching

1:1 Personalised online Sessions for Men aged 18 +

Chris offers personalised healing & coaching sessions, designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, activate your inner healer and feel empowered to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

1:1 healing & coaching
Book a session £111
RESET Programme
Personalised 2 week Quantum Heart Healing and Coaching
Book 2 week programme £444

1:1 Quantum Heart healing

A Quantum Heart Healing session with Chris will help to rebalance and restore your life force energy. Working with Chris will help your energy system to be more aligned for greater health.

What's involved in a 1:1 single session?

  • Pre-session Intake form
  • 1hr Quantum Heart healing, aligning your energy centres/chakra's
  • Breathwork & Healing tools to takeaway
  • Healing Meditation to download

This session be booked as a one off session or for continued work following the 2 week RESET.


Experience a 2 week RESET to restore, rebalance and harmonise your mind, body and soul. Chris's work gives you the opportunity to activate your inner healing system using a powerful combination of nutraceuticals and Quantum Heart Healing Coaching & tools to dramatically transform your capacity to deal with whatever life brings you.

What's involved?

Elemental Wizdom superhuman synbiotic and Metamorphosis nutraceuticals

Week 1

  • Track and monitor lifestyle habits

Week 2

  • Session 1 - 1hr Coaching & healing
  • Session 2 - 30min healing
  • Session 3 - 1hr review


As a Quantum holistic healer & coach, Chris specialises in heart and brain coherence, powerful breathwork and behaviour change towards lifestyle choices such a food, sleep, movement and relaxation.

My mission is to support you towards a new paradigm of health based on the premise of quantum physics, neuroscience, medicinal mushrooms, nutraceuticals and integrative medicine to help you recognise your innate power to heal within yourself.

Most dis-ease of the mind and body signals a need for change

I help YOU to uncover underlying issues to change habits, lifestyle and mindset towards positive health.

Did you know there are 3 brains within the body?

Heart, brain and gut. HPC combines the positive benefits of heart rate variability, neuroplasticity and heart-brain coherence to support the body to activate it inner healing using a variety of methods and techniques frequency devises, breathwork, meditation, relaxation and coaching techniques.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Your investment is for men who are ready to change and willing to do the work.

The methods are powerful and you have to be willing to be vulnerable, dive deep within yourself and be committed to take action.

The discovery call is an important part of the process to determind whether you are a right fit for these programmes and so you can get to know me to see how we can work together.


£111 Single sessions

£444 2 Week RESET programme

In addition, we can offer you an even deeper dive experience which can be optional as you move through our programme.

Part of our secret formula is Release where you can get the opportunity to work with Claire using a very powerful method of hypnotherapy to work with your subconcious patterning. Its a unique experience and will get to the root cause of any emotional, physical and mental symptoms. To understand more about this tool check it out here.

Her work has a profound impact with clients that will compliment our work together even more powerfully.

Men aged 18+ who are looking to enhance their life, performance, lifestyle choices and truly find themselves outside the modern days system.

You will find working with me will bring you back to your true self, ignite the energy and essence of how you want to be as a man.

It's not always an easy ride and you will have to show up, be vulnerable and when you do you will become more connected to yourself, with others and have the freedom to show up in life and be yourself.

Chris is a Quantum Health Coach, medicinal msuchroom expert and studying a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine.

Claire is a highly trained therapist, healer and coach including Advanced Rapid Transformation Therapist, Functional Medicine Health Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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