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Our unique approach

We believe the key to great health & optimal performance takes on a multidimensional approach. This is why we introduce a combination of methods to suit your individual needs.

Our secret to the MYG formula is formed of 3 simple steps:
A - Awaken | R - Release | T - Transform

Awaken your awareness by reconnecting you to understand your inner world, find your inner wisdom & know yourself better.

Release past traumas & self sabotaging behaviours holding you back so you can focus on the present & future.

Transform your life by restoring your mind, body & relationships. Learn to love yourself again & achieve optimal health physically, mentally & spiritually.

Our unique & specialised formula blends multiple disciplines including hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), HeartMath, Coaching & Quantum Life Technique. Our programme will help you to powerfully restore, rebalance & revitalise your health & wellbeing, & to re-align you emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually to be your best version of YOU.

Our innovative methods

Illustration side view of a head in black with blue hightlights showing the brain & the connections with waves coming out
Rapid Transformation Therapy
Male clinical therapy professional in a chair working with a patient lying in front of him
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Illustration of a DNA helix morphing into a person with arms outstretched
Functional Medicine Coaching
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Performance lifestyle Coaching
Beams of yellow/white light with peaks & troughs like a heartbeat monitor
Quantum Life Technique
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Soul Alignment


The fundamental practices that I share with clients are based on 3 simple steps:

1 Awaken.
2 Release.
3 Transform.

These steps are simple to follow but it also takes committed action to move through each journey. In the same way that you train your muscles to be physically strong, these steps will train your mental muscle to be more resilient & easily adapt to ever-changing environments. 

You will take back your power to navigate through your emotional, mental & physical issues, allowing you to become more in control of 'it' rather than letting 'it' control you.

The Awaken phase is based on:

- Understanding the triggers, symptoms, behaviours & patterns of thought.

- Discovering core concepts at the conscious level of how self sabotaging beliefs & actions affects everyday living.

- Teach the nervous system to move out of fear & into what I call bliss.

- Learn powerful tools including HeartMath coherence & breathing techniques to integrate into everyday life.

- Identifying all the parts self sabotaging, so you have clarity of where to start.

The Release is a powerful & advanced hypnotherapy, Rapid Trasformation Therapy (RTT) therapeutic tool to:

- Find the root cause & purpose of the issue, & not just the symptom as many other conventional practices address.

- Interpret the significance & meaning of the effects the issue is having from outdated & negative belief systems

- Understand the pain & suffering from the issue & turn it into wisdom by re-framing a new set of more positive beliefs & healthier systems of thinking.

- Through repetition of this newfound wisdom, the mind & body learns new habits & behaviours. This wisdom allows the negative experiences to be released, replaced with a deep understanding & power to change.

Finally, the Transform phase continues to:

- Integrate your new awareness into your life.

- Strengthen the mind towards what you want & fulfill your true potential to become the master of your greatness.

This transformation will take you on a journey into the future that you want to create. With the powerful release of the past you will be living more fully in the present, excited about the unknown & trusting in your journey towards your greatness with our unique Quantum Life Technique.

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The formula is for men, women & athletes from aged 18+ who are looking for powerful transformation. It is for those who wish to step into a life they love, free from negative emotional, mental & physical problems.

Working with us will bring you back to your true self, ignite the energy & essence of how you want to be & allow you to step into your greatness.

It's not always an easy ride & you will have to show up, be prepared to be vulnerable, dive deep within yourself & be committed to taking action. When you do this, you will become more connected to yourself & with others, & have the freedom to show up in life & to be yourself.

You are the one who you've been waiting for, & sometimes you need a little support along the way. We can show you how.

If you have landed on our page & wondering about working with your child, we highly recommend Free Young Minds.

Claire is an Advanced Rapid Transformation Therapist, Functional Medicine Health Coach & a qualified Hypnotherapist, whilst Chris is a Quantum Health Coach & studying a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine.

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