Women's Wellness and Therapy

1:1 Hypnotherapy, Healing and Coaching to transform and heal your life

Restore your inner peace, Transform and heal your life

Claire offers a profound journey of healing & coaching designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, AWAKEN your inner healer, RELEASE outdated limiting beliefs to find inner peace, joy and connection to your true self.

Claire believes everyone is born with unique gifts and talents with the potential to shine brightly and make an impact in the world. However, through conditioned belief systems, generational imprints and self-sabotaging behaviours you can feel lost, anxious, overwhelmed and no longer recognise who you are or what you want in life. ​

Claire's transformational approach uses a combination of all her trained modalities through energy medicine and trauma informed practices including Hypnotherapy, award winning Rapid Transformation Therapy, Heart coherence, Akashic healing and Positive Psychology coaching to re-connect you to your true self, master your mind, heart and soul and ultimately LOVE yourself back to a life you love.

Choose a pathway

1:1 healing & coaching

Embark on a profound healing and coaching journey with Claire during a 1-hour session. Gain valuable insights into your current state of being and receive guidance to help you reach your goals. Whether you choose a single session or continued support, Claire is dedicated to your transformation

Investment 1hr - £111

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reset programme

Experience a transformative 6 Week Journey that is tailored for women looking to attain relief from stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, and self-doubt. Gain deep insights into the root cause and discover effective ways to achieve a more balanced and whole self.

Investment 6 weeks - £600

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transformation programme

Experience a powerful 10-week transformational journey that delves into the depths of self-sabotaging thoughts, worry, and stress. Through this program, women burdened by these challenges will discover the underlying causes behind their physical symptoms and gain the tools to address dis-ease at its core, leading to transformative changes in all areas of life.

Investment 10 weeks - £2222

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soul alignment

Experience a unique healing journey that taps into your true wisdom, unique gifts, and divine essence. Claire expertly harnesses the power of the Akashic and Quantum field to connect you with your authentic self, allowing you to fully align your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. This alignment empowers you to discover deeper meaning and purpose.

Investment 1hr 15mins - £222 (see more info for family sessions)

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Commonly asked questions

6 Week Journey is for women who are getting started on their healing journey and looking to uncover the root cause of a single issue such as stress, general anxiety, lack of confidence, doubt themselves or you have a physical issue and you want to discover any blocks you may have emotionally relate to the dis-ease of the body.

This 6 week journey will provide you with effective relief to understand the root cause and change it so you feel more balanced and whole to be yourself.

Depending on the issue many women receive relief on this 6 week journey and some find they clear one issue and want to continue to work with me in my 10 week programme.

10 Week Journey is for women who are suffering with a number of life challenges emotionally, mentally and physically.

You constantly think negative thoughts, worry, feel stressed, tired, cant sleep and feel tired. You are suffering with physical symptoms and want to get to the root cause of what's causing the dis - ease in your body and it affects every area of your life.

What you want is to feel calmer, happier and able to understand your emotions to move towards what you want in life. Through understanding the root cause of any symptom you can bring more balance and oneness to your whole body therefor supporting it's healing process back to optimal wellbeing.

Ultimately you want the freedom to step into your greatness feeling confident and able to face life's challenges with ease and flow.

To find out more about the importance of addressing the root cause of all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges click here.

During each journey you will experience a combination of tools and techniques Claire is trained in to best suit your individual needs.

Your investment is for women who are ready to change and want to heal and grow. The methods are powerful and you have to be willing to be vulnerable, dive deep within yourself and committed to take action.

The discovery call is an important part of the process to determind whether you are a right fit for these programmes and so you can get to know me to see how we can work together.


1hr Single healing or coaching session £111

6 Week Journey - £600.00

10 Week Journey - £2222.00

Payment options are available on request