A footballers journey with Sports Hypnotherapy

A footballers journey with Sports Hypnotherapy

I came to see Claire for hypnotherapy to help me with my performance in my game. I know I am good enough but putting it into practice and showing it on the pitch even if other people would react badly was stopping me from playing with freedom. I found I was holding myself back with a fear of making mistakes and lost my confidence to play at my best.

Claire helped me to identify the root cause of why I was afraid of making mistakes and my interpretation of not feeling good enough from experiences I had throughout my football career so far. It was interesting to find out how much they had affected me and now I understand I feel more positive and optimistic which is reflecting well in my training. I am now feeling happier as a person and enjoying my football again.

Claire has helped me massively to see clearer and be more positive in my game and with myself.

Rob - Under 23’s Pro-footballer Fulham

Since our session together Rob has continued to grow and step into his greatness and 3 years on from this session he is now playing for a championship football team.

Rob had developed his mental toughness, along with the technical and physical skills he already possessed he began to notice his energy levels were dipping.

Now, this is where our supplements came in and by supporting his intense training regime, eating a whole balanced diet, and adding the superhuman probiotics, prebiotics, and the incredible Metamorphosis he noticed he was able to maintain his energy levels and play at his best.

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