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Enhance Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy

I love working with sports clients.

What always inspires me about my clients when they arrive to me with anxieties or lack of confidence in general areas of their life outside of sport and the outcome has an incredible ripple effect, through other areas of their life.

My clients leave understanding themselves better, recognise their blocks and know how they can create immediate changes in their lives which then naturally improves their performance.

I recently worked a young 13 year old boy for anxiety and self-esteem and his mum shared this wonderful feedback with me;

'I needed to write this today because after about 70 days of working with Claire, I have seen an amazing change in my child. This weekend, for example he performed exceptional well in his lacrosse tournament. His confidence and performance has sky rocketed on the field' - CP - USA

Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy creates incredible change in a short period of time and I love helping clients to empower them back to find their inner greatness.

If you are interested in working with me for Sports Performance, working with your child or working with your teams, I have put together this short presentation to give you some insight and you will learn:

  • How I became inspired to work with sports performance
  • What to expect working with me
  • My secret formula
  • Case studies
  • A tool to takeaway to try out
  • How to work with me

Get touch and book a discovery call - https://clairelinturn.as.me/MYG

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