Young man (Jack Linturn) sitting and smiling in a restaurant

Where do we learn about our relationship with food and health?

Growing up I did not appreciate the quality of healthy food that I was introduced to by my parents.

Mum always had a cooked breakfast throughout my school years and a homemade packed lunch always filled with pasta, soups, and fruits. ( All I wanted was to be like the other kids and at least have a Lunchable in my bag).

Our dinners were pretty much always home made and even if we were grabbing and going because of all the sports activities we were pursuing, everything was freshly made.

 As I moved through my teens, mum always involved us in meal planning for the week, and I always knew that even if I made bad choices away from home like the chocolate brownies they had at school and the half-price cookies at the end of the day, I always knew something good would be waiting for me at home.

I never really appreciated the effort mum went to in educating us about the importance of eating whole foods. As a young 22-year-old adult, I have realised how important it is to eat well and eat quality foods.

 ‘As they say, you are what you eat’… but there is more to that. I used to think that by eating standard vegetables and meat I brought from supermarkets and by eating a ‘balanced diet, I was healthy. Not long ago, I felt tired and lethargic even though I thought I was eating healthy, and when I mentioned it to mum and dad, they shared their wisdom with me.

I started on my journey and realised the misconception of food and the importance of understanding where it’s sourced, how it was farmed, and most importantly, its effects on our gut and immune system.

It all made sense. Being born through cesarean and my bowels, on the outside.  I started to explore that my tiredness was somehow linked to my gut health.

Mum and dad introduced me to Element Wizdoms products, and after about two months, I noticed I had more focus, more energy, and generally felt I was performing at my best in all areas of my life in football and work.

My newfound understanding has shown me how to feel good, and boy do I know it when I have been out for a few drinks or had a late night. I noticed how awful I feel, and it takes me days to recover.

It's not say I don't indulge in a night out with my girlfriend and friends or have some chocolate with movie night.

Now I am more consciously aware of what I put into my body. I buy from a farm that has tested not to use glysophate/roundup; this helps me maintain a healthy level of gut bacteria and, more importantly, keeps my immune system strong. I like to cook, and homemade meals are the only meals I make now, this way I know what I am putting into my body, and I prefer this to some plastic microwave meal that has  sat on the shelf for months which is riddled with unknown ingredients…

So, thanks to mum and dad for the influences and wisdom you have shared, even though it may not have seemed like I appreciated it at the time.

Stay healthy, happy and have fun!