Connect into the energy & essence of who you are

Soul Alignment Experience

Discover your unique gifts and wisdom to heal deeply from within your soul

A unique & powerful healing experience to connect you to the energy and essence of who you truly are. This extraordinary journey will align you to your true wisdom, unique gifts and divine being.

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1hr 15 mins Individual healing
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Family healing
Bespoke sessions for the whole family
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Unlock the Beauty Within: Discover the Deeper, More Fulfilling Dimensions of Your True Self.

If you desire a profound spiritual connection with your inner being and wish to explore the depths of your soul, this journey is highly recommended by Claire.

When you fully align your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self, you will feel more whole and integrated, trust in your decisions and find meaning and purpose to flow more connected in life.

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Family Healing

Embark on a Transcendent Journey of Parenting, Fostering Harmony and Nurturing Connection.

Claire loves working with families to support the deeper connection within your family system. Claire has found through her personal experience it has helped both herself and husband to connect at a deeper level with their children, recognising the beauty in their unique gifts and supporting them on their journey on a whole other level of parenting.

"What I love about this deep healing work is the power of healing ourselves as parents can help clear blocks for future generations. Its was amazing to recognise the powerful healing effects of deeply rooted generational and ancestoral wounds. To uncover karmic loops and connect with this lifetimes lessons."

All of our children have received this incredible gift to understand themselves more fully and from observing them in our new found awareness the process has been extraordinary. They are all truly connecting to themselves, have deeper sense of knowing who they are and what they want and recognising their inner powers.

As an individual and as a parent Claire feels a deep connection to want everyone to have access to this beautiful journey. It is important to know that deep healing occurs and you will only receive what your soul is ready for, your experience is in the realm of pure possibility and it does take a committed practice after Your session together to integrate your new found gifts and awareness.


Have you ever wondered who you are or who you are being? I don’t mean being a mother, father, a friend, a wife, I mean the essence of your true self! 

I am trained as an Akashic practitioner to read your souls profile.

The Akashic is the comos field of ancient wisdom and is often referenced as the intelligence of spirit. I like to explain its almost like having access to an infinite knowdlege of wisdom like a giant library that I can access as a healer through the higher self.

Soul alignment reading allows me to gain access to your individual quantum self to find the essence of who you are on a deeper connection within your energy system.

Through the process of allowing me to access your higher self it can support you towards deep ancestral, generational inner healing, uncovering any blocks within your energy system or chakra's and remembering your gifts to bring into the world therefore helping you to connect to your true self.

Regarding the soul and spirit, I personally perceive the spirit as the authentic essence of your being, while the soul represents the part of you experiencing this human journey, seeking growth, learning, and love. When we authentically live from our hearts, we establish a profound connection with our spirit. We are connected through an energy frequency and this has been forgotten about in the western world.

'There is a sea of consciousness that is universal even though we each percieve it from our own shore. It is a world that we all share, one that can be experienced by every living being yet is seldom seen by any.' Alberto Villoldo.

I work with you to reveal what your gifts and specialisations are at a soul level.

We uncover ancestral or generational blocks from past life experiences that are potentially showing up and restricting you in this current life. These blocks can show up physically, mentally or emotionally with the mind and body.

Once these have been revealed you will activate your inner healing powers and clear the blocks not serving you to shine with your unique gifts and create a life you love with meaning and purpose.

The session last 1hr 15mins

Step 1 I will guide you through your souls blue print. This is essentially made up of your gifts, specialisations, lifetime lessons and characteristics of your inate soul.

Step 2 - I use your energy centres/chakras as a map to define how they are performing and identify any blocks that can be caused through ancestral or generational energy imprints.

Step 3 - I will then deliver a powerful healing process with you to clear the energetic blocks.

Step 4 - It's then over to YOU. You will be provided with the recording to revisit and make any notes. It's important to understand everything I share with you is in the realm of pure potential and you will take what resonates with you at the time. You also have free will to make different choices of what you choose to recieve or not. You will have to complete a 21 day day healing prayer to integrate the new healing. This has to be completed without any breaks and if you miss a day you will need to start the prayer again from scratch.

For Children under 18 it is ok to record the healing prayer on their behalf and play it everday for them. There energy systems are much more sensitive and will receive the healing more easily.

You are more than likely to notice the benefits subtly over 6 months and its important to be aware while you are moving through the prayer you may feel some abbreactions such as feeling tired, emotional but also lighter and more energised. It is very dependant on the individual.

Recommend for anyone who wants to connect more deeply with their inner being.

You are committed to recognising their is more to who you are in the physical and mental form.

You are a consciously awakened parent and want to get to the root connection with your children on a soul level, uderstand their gifts, their needs, their challenges and want to create a more harmonious connection.

You want deep healing to occur with your energy system through generational trauma and insight.

£222 Individual Session 1hr 15mins

£600 Individual with furture visioning includes 1hr 15 mins soul alignment session, 2 x 1hr future visioning sessions

£222 per person Family package 1 hr 15mins with an additional 1hr family coaching session recommended for families with teens.

Included in the price is a recording of each session with a workbook to take notes.

A healing prayer to be completed for 21 days is essential

If you would like to add on a future visioning session, please feel free to ask. This can only take place once the healing has been completed. Future visioning is a powerful quantum coaching tool to integrate your soul alignment experience.