Innovative therapy to harness the most powerful healing for emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)?

RTT is an award-winning and highly effective therapy that harnesses the most powerful healing potential on the planet within the mind and address's the root cause of emotional, mental & physical pain.

RTT is a unique 'layering' of beneficial principals including hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

RTT engages with the subconcious mind to effectively work through outdated sytsems of beliefs to form positive and beneficial patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

From achieving this initial breakthrough, it helps you to release and understand the blocks associated with these issues to re-discover the essence of your true self and heal from within.

How Does RTT Work?

Uncover the reasons for your emotional, mental or physical pain

RTT helps you become aware of the deep rooted meaning and interpretation of outdated belief systems and emotional wounds keeping you stuck in the same looping thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Draw out 'unfinished business'

RTT helps process and find wisdom from the parts of you holding you back from your past experiences, then rewiring and changing destructive, outdated belief systems you hold within yourself to more positive and helpful ones.

Imprint and re-train the subconscious mind towards powerful new belief system

From achieving this initial breakthrough, it helps you release and understand limiting belief's and blocks; re-discover and re-connect to the essence of your true self and empowers you to heal from within.

Can RTT Work for Me?

I help facilitate your freedom to re-connect you back to your true self and create lasting change. This means it works for people who are 100% committed to working together and breaking free from the limiting beliefs blocking your way to a healthy, extraordinary life.

I specialise in working with teens, young adults, men, women and athletes who suffer with anxiety, ,overwhelm, low confidence, self esteem and have emotional, mental or physical health issues that stop them from thriving in life.

Through understanding, installing and integrating new healthier systems of thinking, feeling, and behaving, you can create powerful change from within to step into your greatness and transform your life.



Social Anxiety




Fears & Phobia


Panic Attacks


Focus & Concentration

Public Speaking

School & Exam Confidence

Fear of failure

Not feeling good enough

Struggling to fit in

Inner Child Wounds - Childhood

Self worth

Lack of Confidence

Fear of Failure

Recovery from injury


Not good enough

Performance anxiety

Money Blocks

Life Purpose

Physiological conditions such as:


Skin Conditions

Auto Immune Dis-ease

Weight Management

Benefits of Rapid Transformation Therapy

Happy Healthy Mind & Body
Improve confidence, self-esteem & resilience
Restore & accept your true self
Rebalance your mental & emotional wellbeing

Why I Believe in the Power of RTT

I used to feel like I wasn’t ‘good enough’.

I suffered with social anxiety and the fear of being judged. I struggled constantly with not feeling comfortable in my own skin, being afraid to be myself and feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of achieving a work/family balance.
I’ve always wanted to help people, and the moment I found Marisa Peer I knew that RTT was the best way for me to do this. What I didn’t realise is that her work would transform my life too. During my RTT training to become an Advanced Marisa Peer Method Rapid Transformation Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Mentor, I started working on my weight, as it’s an issue I’ve always obsessed about. This was the start of an incredible journey which turned everything I believed about myself inside out and upside down.

The moment I left the training my attitude, thought pattern and behaviour about myself changed forever. 

I felt more confident and inspired to help others by starting with me - not being afraid to delve deep inside myself and let go of all the limiting behaviours and habits I had allowed to hold me back. 

The confidence and freedom I gained from RTT still drives me to live an uncompromised life today, and the ripple effect it has on my family, friends and the people that I meet is extraordinary.

I now have the resources and understanding that I need to help myself and, by learning from the traumas that I've experienced, I can help others understand and overcome their own challenges too. My amazing journey inspired me to share RTT with the rest of the world. It changed everything for me and it can for you too.

I invite you to step into this great adventure and Master Your Greatness, inside and out.