Chris in good shape with his top off in a lovely green garden

How to be a healthy Dad

The trouble with being a parent, is the pressure of responsibility for your family and that can mean you neglect your own health, which results in feeling a bit ‘meh’, fatigue, poor sleep which can lead to illness. This article is about Chris’ journey from feeling tired all the time to super health. I was a young dad to 3 kids, a husband and had a job in retail and to say the least,  life was a juggling act. I often worked a 6 day week with long late days.If I was lucky, I would grab lunch on the run and eat convenience (processed) food if I wasn’t going to make it home for dinner (which happened frequently).On the weekends I’d binge drink, trying to keep up with my friends.All I wanted to be was a good father, husband, friend and human.

I remember going to my GP and telling him I was always tired and thought there must be something wrong with me.After all the blood tests came back within the normal range, my doctor explained my tiredness is ‘normal for my age since you are over 30 now’.

This was my wake up call.I couldn’t accept that this was ‘normal’.This was my start to a journey of self discovery, exploration of different alternative therapies and supplements, clearing old patterns and behaviours and studying my environment and communities across the world, the diseases that plague the western world that don’t affect less developed communities and tribes.

I was inspired to completely change the food I purchased and consumed.I now look for local organic farmers or grow myself.I supplement with probiotics, prebiotics and mushrooms.I’ve done mindset work with my wife Claire. Since changing my lifestyle I’ve noticed an incredible shift and increase in my energy levels.

I enjoy being present with our family, take part in sports activities like biking, hiking and surfing. I meditate daily, have a more balanced work/life mix, have lots of energy, and haven’t been ill in 6 years since I started this journey.I’ve inspired my friends and colleagues to follow a path out of feeling tired and meh.And I want everyone to experience the same energy levels and feelings of well-being.

Are you ready to transform your health?

Here’s what I recommend:

If you’re dipping your toe in supplements, then give this a go:

Superhuman Probiotics 

Benefits:- it strengthens your immunity by improving your gut health. 

Take 1/4 tsp (1g) in 8oz of water on an empty stomach (30 minutes before or 2 hours after meals)

If you’re ready to go full in, then this is what I take:

Superhuman Probiotics 





This combination of prebiotic, probiotic and enzyme formulae fertilises your gut, helps you grow good bacteria within your gut and provides you with enzymes which break down your food so you digest more of the nutrients out of your food into your gut. As long as you’re also feeding your body with healthy food, you’ll start noticing a difference in your energy levels, sleep quality and general well being - superhuman health after just 2 months.

You’ll never want to revert back to feeling ‘meh’ again.

So you can see that it’s really important to look after yourself so that you can be an effective parent. There is a tendency to put your children first to the detriment of your own health and if you feel tired all the time then that affects how you cope as a parent. Supplements and a healthy diet is one small step to super human health and being a great parent.