A coaches story - Freedom from burnout and stress

A coaches story - Freedom from burnout and stress

Stress and overwhelm with sports coaches are often not recognised, and for many, they tend to suffer in silence until they reach a point of burnout or illness.

Don rivers, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, highlighted the impact that job stress had on his health and his ability to carry out his role as an elite coach:

“It was awful … That was a tough stretch. I almost thought about quitting because I had no energy … and I thought it definitely affected my day-to-day ability to coach - and to live. You’re always tired. This job is tiring. And then you’re sick on top of it. I didn’t do any favours for myself.”

Many coaches are passionate about their job; they are responsible for their team and the fans but often forget to look after themselves.

A coach’s story is very similar to a parent’s; ‘we have to put our family first; otherwise, they won’t strive to succeed and achieve.’ As a parent, I have learned that it is vital to look after my health to support my family to the best of my ability, and this is no different if you are a coach at any level.

You have a responsibility for your team or individual; you have the pressure of the fans. You may have a family and need to find a healthy work and life balance.

Here is a story of how one of my clients found that addressing his fears around achieving his goals and the health issue he was experiencing helped him balance his passion for coaching and his family.

We worked together using the Rapid Transformation clinical hypnotherapy method to get to the root cause of his stress and overwhelm.

What he uncovered was a surprise for him, of negative imprinted belief systems of thinking and perceptions from when he was a tiny child and through other periods of his life.

He understood that those beliefs might have protected him then, but now he was an adult, he had the power to change them and could trust and believe in himself and let go of any outdated beliefs.

He now understood how to transform his fears into wisdom and insight to achieve his goals and form healthier and more positive systems of thinking, feeling, and behaving to enhance his relationships, family life, and career.

A month after our session, he shared with me. 

'I am now happy with my relationship; money is starting to come in abundance, and my career has taken a fast forward move.'

This is just one of my client’s stories. I have supported to help them be free from burnout, anxiety, and stress from balancing their coaching career and lifestyle. 

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