What does it mean to awaken your heart?

What does it mean to awaken your heart?

Your heart is one of the most extraordinary organs in the body, without it the physical body cannot function or exist. What you might not know is that your heart sends more messages to the brain than visa versa!

Our perception of the world is based on our individual beliefs learnt from our upbringing and life’s situations which can sabotage how we choose to live in the world.

You might find yourself feeling anxious, stressed and often overwhelmed with fear which can lead to chronic illness and depression.

When you become fully awake within your heart and recognise it’s inner wisdom and power, you have the ability to navigate life’s journey and find the beauty and gifts through all the challenges.

You have the power from within when you can deeply connect within yourself and unlock the door to your heart. Through this activation you can experience peace and harmony within the mind, the body and within your environment, but first you have to find the key.

I invite you to share this experience with a gentle awareness of how your heart feels. Speak to it like it is a friend and gently unfold in its answers. As you tune in, the gifts will present themselves, acknowledge the parts that feel hurt or misunderstood and love into the wisdom with compassion and kindness for your beautiful self.

‘Your greatest power comes from your heart, connect into it, master it and you will shine and sparkle in your power’ - Claire Linturn (Shining Diamond of Potential)

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