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What is functional medicine?

'It is important to know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease the person has' - Hippocrates

We believe everyone has the ability to feel healthy and perform at their best full of energy and joy.

In this blog I am sharing with you one of the services we offer to help you feel amazing in all aspects of health for optimal performance. 

We welcome you to Functional Medicine where I will share a brief overview of what it is, our story and how it can help boost your health and performance.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evolutionary approach in the practice of medicine that supports the needs of 21st century healthcare.

A Functional Medicine Doctor focuses on a client-centred approach to traditional methods of treating disease by addressing what makes people ill and keeps them healthy by reviewing the root cause & not just the symptom.

Dr Ranjan Chaterjee quotes 'I don't treat the disease, I treat the person. A majority of my patients don't need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription'

They'll take time to look at your history & the interactions between your genetics, lifestyle & environmental factors that can all influence your long-term health & wellness. Diagnostic testing and in-depth biochemical analysis will be utilised to help pinpoint where to focus.

Just to be clear, I am NOT a Functional Medicine Doctor.

I am trained as a Functional medicine health coach via Functional Medicine Coaching Academy who are in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine based in the US.

Our story with FM

My first experience was when we could not figure out why our son was having regular headaches. We had adapted many aspects of his diet for other reasons but the headaches still remained so we decided to embark on the journey with a functional medicine doctor.

She did an extensive intake of family history of health for both myself and my husband and arranged for bloods to be taken. We were pretty pleased she had said our dietary choices were good but we would understand more from the outcome of the tests.

Our results were in and it turned out he had higher levels of heavy metals and he was sensitive to lactose. In hind sight this made so much sense because as a baby when I stopped breast feeding and introduced him to milk he ended up with rashes on his face, so even then his body was telling us. He also never liked cheese and what I know is that often things we don't like in texture, feel or taste can be our bodies intelligence of saying it is not good for our system (more to share on this later).

We were given a diet which was not too different to what we were already doing but was able to be more aware of lactose products. We had already been making green smoothies for some time to support heavy metal detox, so added the additional suggestions.

Sure enough no more headaches.

I know there are many stories like ours and we took many lifestyle steps to support our families health such as changing their diets, ensure they had good sleep routines, had time to relax, we introduced meditational techniques and many more things before we arrived with the FM doctor so we had a head start and was easy for us to adapt.

I became more curious about how I could support others because I recognised that for some families this can be challenging and overwhelming to implement these types of changes into the busy lives we lead. 

And so my journey began to add FM coaching to my therapeutic practice as they both look at the root cause, view the person as a whole and not just address the symptoms.

How I can help you

I empower you to bring yourself back to remembering what good health feels like and looks like to meet your individual needs.

I help to bridge the gap from diagnosis from a doctor of emotional, physical or mental conditions from anxiety, stress, fatigue or auto immune related symptoms and guide you towards positive health goals physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

I support you through a compassionate and client centred approach which meets you where you are by addressing the root cause to create change & improve your health & lifestyle choices.

I help parents to make these changes and this in turn will support your children

'When the adults change, everything changes' - Paul Dix 

My unique approach focuses on these core principles:

1. Client-centred & science-based
2. Lifestyle Coaching to include functional food, sleep, movement & relaxation
3. Mind, heart & body techniques
4. Positive Psychology
5. Powerful Root cause therapy, using award winning method Rapid Transformation Therapy (if required)

What’s unique about working with me?

I have discovered a simple 3 step approach:

Step 1 - Awaken
Step 2 - Release
Step 3 - Transformation

Every client is unique, & this approach will allow the flexibility to suit your specific individual needs and ultimately honors the relationship between your inner and outer world to create a vessel of optimal health within your mind, body and spirit.

I invite you to take a step forward towards positive health and boost your performance today and book a free discovery call to find out more, I look forward to connecting with you. 

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With Love Claire

PS - Two of our favorite functional medicine doctors are UK based Dr Rangan Chaterjee and from the US, Dr Mark Hyman.