Magna-Gel | Inflammation and Irritation Relief

Magna-Gel | Inflammation and Irritation Relief

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A powerful and effective topical anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation, and analgesic agent.*
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- Magna-gel spreads quickly and is rapidly absorbs as it penetrates through the top three main layers of skin (the Stratum Corneum, Epidermis and Dermis).*
- Formula is designed to effectively calm over-stimulated, or damaged nerve tissue, and to reduce or eliminate inflammation, pain, and irritation.*
- Combat Insect Bites: effectively stop the “sting” and modulate swelling.*
- Neutralizes burns: quickly removing the pain, and stops or reduces blistering.*

Directions: Rub gel onto area affected by inflammation, irritation or subcutaneous pain*
Magna-gel can be used in conjunction with other 7 Schools products: (Transdermal Pain Relief and High Potency Sublingual Formula) as a complete approach to pain, irritation and inflammation relief.*

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A powerful and effective topical anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation, and analgesic agent.*


Everything I have ever used from Elemental Wizdom is like nothing I have experienced before. You can feel the integrity and efficacy of every single product. I highly recommend all of them to my customers and clients.

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* Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil * Castor Oil (Ricinas Communis) * Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Oil * Cane Ethanol * Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) * Cannabidiol (CBD) * Raw Coconut Oil * Beeswax * Sunflower Lecithin * Hawaiian Blue Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) * Black Turmeric (Curcuma Caesia) * Mt-50 Full Spectrum Vitamin E * Vegetable Glycerin * Aloe-Vera Gel & Concentrate (Aloe Babadensis) * Angustifolia Lavender Essential Oil * ALL INGREDIENTS ARE *ORGANIC*

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