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Mico-Onco helps to maintain an adequate quality of life of the nutritional status. It contains a variety of bioactive ingredients which come from mushrooms that are beneficial for health: β-glucans, α-glucans, triterpenes, oligosaccharides, proteins, antioxidants, essential amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, etc.
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Recommended daily dose:

First week: 1 Mico-Extract + 1 Mico-Vial every 24 hrs.
From second week on: 1 Mico-Extract + 1 Mico-Vial every 12 hrs.
If you are already taking mushroom extracts: 1 Mico-Extract + 1 Mico-Vial every 12 hrs (or follow your health care provider’s recommendation).

How to take Mico-Onco Care products?

First week: take on an empty stomach before breakfast or lunch (or according to medical prescription). Shake before using and opening the Mico-Vial through the marked area and ingest. Remove the capsule from the container and take it with water.

Second week and later: take on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner (or according to medical prescription). Shake before using and opening the Mico-Vial through the marked area and ingest. Remove the capsule from the container and take it with water.

If you are taking mushroom extracts: take on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner (or according to medical prescription). Shake before using and opening the Mico-Vial through the marked area and ingest it. Remove the capsule from the container and take it with water.


In order to improve absortion, it is better to take it on an empty stomach. Wait 10 min before eating any food.


Do not take any mushroom extracts if you have an allergy to mushrooms. Mushrooms are the main ingredients in these formulas.
Consult your health care provider in case the dose needs to be adapted if taking anticoagulant or immunosuppressant medication.
If there is any change in sleeping patterns consult your health care provider in order to adjust the best time to take Mico-Onco Care.
Consult your health care provider if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Consult your health care provider for children under the age of fourteen.
Consult your physician in case of surgery.
No special requirements for storing and/or conservation are needed. Keep in original sealed packaging at room temperature below 25 ºC.

Mico-Onco format: 30 units per box. Each unit contains a Mico-Vial (10 ml) y un Mico-Extract (514 mg).

Ingredients per vial (10 ml): purified water, organic Ganoderma lucidum extract, organic Agaricus blazei extract, organic Grifola frondosa extract, organic Myrciaria dubia agave syrup and natural aroma.

Ingredients per capsule (514 mg): organic Ganoderma lucidum extract; vegetable capsule.

Nutritional information
2 Mico-Vials (20ml) +2 Mico-Extracts (1.028 mg)

- Energy value (kJ/kcal)169 kJ / 39.84 kcal
- Fat 0.08 g
- Saturated<0.02 g
- Carbohydrates 8.55 g-Sugar 4.17 g
- Proteins 1.24 g
- Salt 0.00 g

Bioactive substances (daily dose)

- β-glucans 1.46 g
- alpha-glucans2.40 g

Vitamins (daily dose)

- Vitamin E12 mg (100% VRN*)
- Vitamin A800 µg (100% VRN*)
- Vitamin D5 µg (100% VRN*)

VRN: Nutrient Reference Value


Product suitable for vegans and vegetarians diets.
Gluten-free product that complies with Reg. (EU) No 609/2013.

The immune system and tumours

It has the ability to induce a significant rise in the activity of NK cells and plasma concentration of IL-2 and IL-6 cytokines and interferons - yin cancer patients (1) Makes it conductive towards tretment.In autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthiritis, it has shown analgesic effects and improvements in the patients overall condition when used in combination with other natural extracts (2). It also contains anti inflamatory properties (3)

Anti - proliferative tumour capacity:

It induces apoptosis ( programmed cell death ) in tumour cells (4).Clinical trials in lung cancer patients show a clear immunomodulatory effect and a positive response in combination with chemotherapy (5).

Anti-viral capacity:

Diverse ganoderic acids block the replication of hepatitus B (6) and HIV viruses (7).

The cardiovascular system:

Reduces chest pain, heart palpitations, ECG abnormalities, blood pressure and serum cholesteral levels in coronary heart disease ( CHD) patients(8). Certsain triterpenes contained Ganoderma lucidum, such as ganoderic acids, are considered platelet aggregation inhibitors (9).


Controls levels of plasma insulin, reduces insulin resistance and triacylglycerol levels. Elevates HDL cholesteral levels ( known as good cholesterol ) in patients with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure (10).

The nervous system

Shows improvement in patients with neurological disorders, such as migrane relief (11) On the other hand, Ganoderma also has sedative properties, increasing total sleep time in experimental animal models (12).

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Should mushrooms be avoided in Autoimmune conditions? Are they immune stimulators?
Mushrooms are biological response modifiers (BRMs), or adaptogens, i.e. they modulate the immune system. So they modulate autoimmune conditions and inflammation levels in the body, whilst helping the body fight off pathogens. The most powerful immune modulator, recommended for autoimmune conditions, is Agaricus Blazei Murrill, or Sun mushroom (as in our MicoSol product), followed by reishi, then cordyceps sinensis is recommended for complaints like lupus.

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What Can Reishi Do For Your Health?
Reishi (Gandoderma lucidium) : Mycological species of high scientific interest ( figure among the ten most effective natural therapeutic substances). Its is documented before Christ, was restricted to the superior classes who gave it the name mushroom of immortality or mushroom of eternal youth.
More on Reshi

More about Mico-Onco

Mico-Onco is an unique Mycotherapy formulae. It contains the highest concentration of bioactive compounds (antioxidants, β-glucans, α-glucans, triterpenes, essential amino acids, etc.) and vitamins (E, A and D) which come from Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Royal Sun Agaricus (Agaricus blazei) and Maitake (Grifola frondosa) mushrooms. Mico-Onco also contains Myrciaria dubia.

Thanks to its high concentration, Mico-Onco helps to maintain an adequate quality of life of the nutritional status. Its novel form (vials liquid extract and capsules) and specific dosage regime decreases protocols and facilitates swallowing.

Proper nutrition will help:

  • Increase physical activity, mobility, etc., by reducing the periods of convalescence
  • Maintain a proper balance of the body (homeostasis); correct functioning of the body’s organs and systems

Safe and effective food supplement

Suitable for celiacs, lactose intolerant, vegetarians and vegans.

Why are Hifas da Terra products different?

360 traceability: uniform and controlled production from the cultivation processes to the placing on the market of the product following the pharmaceutical GMP standards of excellence.

Greater concentration of active biomolecules: implementation of the latest generation Sustainable Double Extractiontechnologies (patent pending), directly related to the potency of the products.

Analytical triple check: security controls, purity, the concentration of active biomolecules and confirmation of the stability of the final product. This includes microbiological, pesticide, heavy metal and gluten analysis.

AIn addition, we select our partners based on the strict criteria of excellence, traceability and safety established by Hifas Quality System.

Speak To A

Mycotherapy Expert

Not sure which medicinal mushroom product is right for you? Receive specialist advice from our fully qualified mycotherapy professional. Let us help you to get the right combination of organic medicinal mushrooms for your individual needs.



"This product is keeping me healthy and ALIVE! I am so grateful to the mushrooms, and to the Hifas da Terra in gathering them and presenting this excellent medicine in such a palatable way."


"My functional medicine doctor prescribed this to me and it is now part of my everyday dietary supplement. I feel sure that it is contributing to my deep sense of wellness, and management of the cancer that I live with."


"Its tasty, and my body feels good about it. So I am happy to take it, and trust that its goodness support the healing and well-being - which I DO experience."


"Packaging very good. I use it daily, without fail. I’m taking chemo tablets Palbociclib And have had no side affects. Which I believe is helped by the Mico Onco."


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